A Journey through my Garden…

Karen June Myskiw is an enthusiastic creative, practicing artist, designer and educator. She has worked as a landscape designer and planner on urban planning, master planning and residential design projects.

As principal of JardinsDESIGNS, Karen has over 15 years established design experience, JardinDESIGNS focuses on the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living rooms to create an atmosphere of wellness. She offers workshops and retreats on gardening, foods for sustenance, and art-making. With Non-Profit organizations, she created gardens in schools, while teaching about healthy eating.

She has led art programs with young people in grades K to 12 exploring water colour, murals, sculpture, Manga and more. Currently, she is DAREarts Vancouver lead teacher, and an artist in residence at Burnaby School Board exploring Identity with youth employing film based photography.

Her local and international photography documents genus loci of landscape, food and art. Through her artistic practice she explores Nature and abstract themes via water colour, acrylics, or mixed media.

As a member of Artists Rendering Tales Collective inc, her artistry finds greatest expression in working communally on public arts projects. She serves on the Board of IMAPON —Interdisciplinary Media Artist’s Association/ Population of Noise.

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