Following my bliss

In discovering about the intimate immensities of my home away from in Abbotsford, I am exploring the textures, hues and seasonality of place. A few of the landscape typologies include rusticated barns, iconic railway lines and trains, and the undulations of the land. I have trusted my films to my curator who is technically brilliant and had taking the initial task of developing these medium format negatives.

I bring my understanding of design composition and I possess a beginners’s mind when it comes to knowing a medium such as film photography. I humbly make art and follow my bliss.

Renewed Freedom

What does one learn from navigating the darker recesses of one’s being, whether in relationship or travelling solo to the edge? The vortex of a dark hole is strong and compelling indeed. Seeming impossible to grasp: deceit and infidelity wrench open the chasms of one’s chest where the heart pulses and teams with purpose. I find my voice; and yet it is silenced. Good days, sad mad bad days; nausea and pecking at food on a plate replace the sustenance of a meal savoured. Glimpses, as the days get longer, my essence and the philosophy to rise above and rebuild manage a return to innocence. I reach out to my matriarchal community.
With forgiveness and love,I appreciate details, I become gentler and kinder to myself and champion my dreams. Revisiting past albums, I dance. Pottery humbles me, as I am learning and growing; my medium format films will be my legacy this year in Abbotsford as I build a body of work. Thanks to my curator. Renewal, bliss, air, and water.

Full freedom

Being Existential
Modern day JP and Simone
Existential reality… we choose, life is NOW. Avante garde (and in some cases gardener) thinkers Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir ideologies and lifes’ practice became a way of being. What do we know beyond here but nothingness, Freedom is full when we take responsibility for life’s meaning whether layers of contentment or trial and angst the mishaps that define our humanity culminate in a larger ocean of influence. As Bachelard phrase ‘intimate immensity’ is each of us.

Genova to Nice

Captivating interior
Captivating interior

Leaving Genoa, the sky began to peep out from the day’s rain, as we boarded the train to Nice, ambling along the Coast,  the boarder town of Finale, crashing azure blue caps ebbed and flowed. Simply arriving into Genoa, the port town of Christopher Columbus, the presence of the palms, old world grit, the astounding Universitie Chapel which inspired awe, juxtaposed by  lemon and orange trees sited upon terraces surround by Monday’s laundry.

Spring Fling!


Truly a wet, warm and glorious unfolding this March, we are well ahead of our friends across the country. The star magnolia street trees are winding down, and the first wave of cherry blossoms are advancing through the neighbourhoods of Vancouver. Rhododendrons, Camelias, Flowering Quince and the fragrant Clematis armandii lead the procession.

Glow Moments

“The mustaches did it!”, said Emma. The mystery emerged from a cartoon mural created by 4 young artists, Alexis, Kiera, Emma, and Phuong.

In creating a 3 week summer school enrichment program in Burnaby, Canada with my pre-teens, (year 4-7) I left the young artist to their own devices and what astonishing kaleidoscope of characters, puppets, stage set, back drops and story lines emerged.

Showcasing murals in the hallway piques the curiosity of the students, with a special visit from Owen, a grade two student determined to join the class next year. Taking their muses, the young actors and actresses performed in character for the Primary students.

In prior years, the students have become scientists and designers, planning their survival structures, building scale models and then with an assemblage of recycled cardboard, fabric, wooden twigs, poles, tapes, string, ropes, paper, and plastics: behold full size yurts, tents, lean-tos and tippees are erected.

As an artist and educator, reflection during and after implementing program is foundational to my practice. Doing and discovery prior and in situ, as I create an idea and run with it, engages students in meaning making, and co-creating of the workshops. In doing so I become the electrician with a concept and layout for conduits, organizing hubs in our studio space where students feel comfortable, choice of raw materials are supplied, and with a the spark, the creative juices flow, the imaginations pulse, alight with glow moments. As the adult facilitator remaining open to the creative unfolding and marveling at the multiple responses I too glow.

Glow moments connect us to a higher state of mind, alive in the moment within the creative process, beyond the deadline to the expressive task at hand, whether working as a team or individually. The energy sustains as I get lost in mentoring child artists and my own studio practice.

Allowing the child in us to make mistakes and find the solution within, to get messy and be content with the creative process, to see there are a number of plausible solutions, to not judge our work before breathing life into it, champions our the expression of our talents and voices.

If our future citizens are able to play with ideas, to look to a variety of outcomes and be able to embrace uncertainty, then they are empowered to respond to the myriad of choices they will face globally and locally, with an Earth that will shapeshift.

Art is Alive

As I wind down a DAREarts Open Studio, I am abuzz with possibilities. Pending travel preparation and a flurry of artist calls here and abroad are the thermals I catch soaring to new heights. Europe, arriving in London and partnering with mon ami, as we venture forth to Venice, Padova, Florence, Milan, Nice then onto Oxford and Bath where the marriage of two minds and sprits will launch.Keep an eye on the sky….

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